I will build

Come what may, I will build


Crush me with your goodness

Walk on the ruins of my sins

Watch me tumble down

From the rumbles again I will build

Shatter me with the weight of your charities

Debase me from the pedestal of your pride

Defeat me with every sound logic

From the pieces of my respect, I will build

Mortify me for my truths

Manipulate every ounce of my honesty

Trample me beneath your arrogance

From the dirt of your heel, I will build

Accuse me in every court of love

Hold me guilty for untamed feelings

Blame me for not embracing company

From the traces of esteem, I will build

Play with my courtesies, my compassion

Laugh on the tears of my joyful sorrow

Mock my faith, my beliefs

From the throne of your disbelief, I will build

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